Riobamba, tourism and cultural promotion.


San Pedro de Riobamba is the capital of the province of Chimborazo, its approximate population is 246.89, with a density of 5.49 inhabitants per square kilometer. Its altitude is 2750 meters above sea level. It is located 220 km from the city of Quito, capital of Ecuador.

It is a city surrounded by a beautiful Andean landscape, is located in the center of Ecuador, facilitating mobility to other geographical areas of the coastal regions, mountains, and east.

Denonym: Riobambeño/a.



hornado cevichechochos llapingacho yaguarlocro caldopata

Riobamba has a variety of typical dishes, among them are:

  • El hornado, plate consisting of baked pork served in pieces, accompanied by cooked white corn (mote), onion and seasoned lettuce in vinegary juice.
  • Ceviche de chochos, grains from the area in natural tomato sauce, contains cooked pork; It is served with toasted corn and onion.
  • Jugo de sal, beef stew with lemon and lightly fried eggs.
  • Los llapingachos, potato pancakes or patties made with cheese and onions, accompanied by a piece of sausage, fried egg, beef stew, rice, avocado and beetroot salad.
  • El yaguarlocro, is a well-known Ecuadorian soup made with potatoes and giblets.
  • El caldo de pata, is prepared with the lower part of beef legs.
  • Jugos de la Merced con el hielo del Chimborazo, they are beverages made with fruit area. Its popularity is due to the last icemaker of the Chimborazo, Baltazar Ushca, who for several years extracted the ice from one of the inactive volcano summits to later transfer it to a mule and market it in the La Merced market.
  • Potatoes with guinea pig, it is a dish eaten in several Andean areas; the guinea pig is marinated and roasted. Boiled potatoes covered in peanut sauce accompany the dish.


volcan Chimborazo altar Catedral Riobamba guano ecuador
  • Chimborazo

The Chimborazo is the highest mountain in the world (based on the measurement made from the center of the earth). It is an inactive volcano, considered God by the Puruháes.
This volcano has inspired great figures in history, including Simon Bolivar and Walt Whitman.
Chimborazo is located 50 kilometers from Riobamba, the access road is first order to the main entrance, then goes a gravel road for about 1 km.

  • El Altar

El Altar is a spectacular inactive volcano of the Eastern Cordillera of the Andes, is located 30 km from Riobamba. It is located within the Sangay National Park of the Province of Chimborazo. The volcano is named as Altar due to the shapes that its numerous peaks adopt, resembling the altar of a colonial church.

  • Fairs in markets and squares

In Riobamba, every Saturday fairs are held in all markets and city squares. One of the most representative is the fair of the Plaza de la Concepción. On the site you can find diversity of textiles, attire and clothing accessories typical of the Andean area, among other attractions. Another market of high affluence is La Merced, its popularity is due to the fact that there is sold the popular hornado dish, tortillas, salt juices, and Chimborazo ice juices.

  • Churches

In the churches of Riobamba, it is common to find cultural manifestations, of faith and religiosity. Among the churches most visited by the parishioners and tourists are San Antonio de Padua, the Basilica, the Cathedral, La Merced, San Alfonso, La Concepción and the chapels of Sacrilegio and Santa Bárbara.

  • Guano

Guano is 10 Km. from Riobamba. It is an important center for handicrafts and leather goods.
His specialty is the production of carpets and shoes with high quality and low cost. It has natural attractions and archaeological remains.
In Guano is the municipal museum, where the mummy of fray Lázaro de Santofimia rests, a Spanish monk from the convent of Nuestra Señora de La Asunción.


Among the museums located in Riobamba are:

  • The religious art museum of La Concepción, exhibits historical, cultural and religious tradition jewelry of the Ancient Riobamba. It is located near the Plaza de la Concepción.
  • La Casa Museo de la Ciudad, is divided into rooms for temporary and permanent exhibition of samples: photography, painting, sculpture and contemporary art.
  • Paquita Jaramillo Museum of the Ecuadorian Culture House "Benjamín Carrión" Chimborazo Nucleus is an archaeological museum that provides guidance services to children, young students, researchers, and tourists.